When you sip a taste of their faraway thoughts, you have a longing for more. Like an unwrapped gift. Like something shipped. Like a faraway person in a distant terrace, visible but unheard. But if they are as close to your window as trees and their frequent phone calls, random fights, casual fucks, and crying […]

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Breathing Skin Deep

Tonight I see a shadow of me against the wall. Actually half shadow. There’s no one at the terrace, just me, my breath, and dim phone light. I see the bats hovering over and empty roof tops. I always wonder what so important can people be doing inside their build up walls that they never […]

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Half filled!

From one sip to two, from neat to bottom’s up, from being in a mood to get into the mood, how far can we excuse to drink it to death. Till the very last breath, will you still be holding a cigarette in your hand, and pour the rum down your neck. Shouting cheers and […]

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We are all flesh afterall… Some new, some old. Wearing layers of clothes Hiding, showing at one’s own note. Stretching, itching, bleeding, Covering, feeling, stinking. Some pinch, hurting. Sun’s heat burning, With every degree rise, sweating. With every drop, shivering. Can’t be at ease for all. Every action is acted upon. Every touch, felt close. […]

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Into The Fades Of Dehra..

Oh! The lush of wild in me  Used to be so many trees, I’ll tell you about the counts Not one, nor two, there were hundreds around.   And how the wind swirled in them. The old colonel always gave that grin. Swore he never felt the chill. But beneath that cloak of sheep’s skin […]

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Kissing With Knives Out

should it matter
if you cut me
but say that’s love?

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