Making time

Isn't it time to say and be done,
to utter those words you thought of more than once.
Or do you still hope for time to make it up.
Will you again refill your mind
with all the sorrows you've denied.
Or will you be the victim again,
when you've been against the world.
Say something you little girl
don't you just be mumm.
Funny, you are not little enough.
You had your days to waste time,
now wasting it is as good as crime.
You say it's going fine, it's not bad or worsen up..
But do you just wanna stay fine,
and compromise the other with all the lies..
Efforts made half-hearted are never truly made,
you knew when you stepped into it and even now you know.
So why do you just wait for time,
to make it better on its own.
Don't suppress, be stubborn
have the guts to stay 'enough'.
Don't just let the time pass you by 
as some accused waiting for trial.
There will be no bad times,
when you'll just make time.


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