How blind is the faith?

India being a religious country with vast population, diverse culture and different ideologies becomes an easy prey for the greedy, selfish and fraud religious gurus. The purity and the serenity of the Indian faith are being fooled upon by these gurus. Their agenda is to give some, fool some and leave the tricky ones. Sadly the ratio of people who are not tricked is very less. In India, a mentor or guru is often looked upon with immense faith, but with every other sage ending up behind bars, somewhat the faith is fading away.

So was the case of a 63 year old self-styled guru–Sant Rampal who on 20th November 2017 was arrested in Hisar for repeatedly ignoring orders to appear in court, as he was a suspect in a 2006 murder case. The people were fooled on the false belief of getting food, shelter and cure. This is not the only one, with time and place the faith of the people have been fooled and questioned in India. Whom to trust, people are left confused. Behind this immense faith lies the cowardliness and fright of the scared people, affected by various diseases and poverty, which further lead to depression and lack of self-confidence. Even when they are sent to jail, there are many still following and protecting them. It is rightly said by Dan Brown, a great author, “That is the definition of faith–Acceptance of that which we imagine to be true, that which we cannot prove.” But the only problem is that the people have blindfolded themselves and don’t want to see the proof even if it’s there.

At present, it’s no more a matter of spirituality rather has become a new marketing trend. Few are those who seek for common gain while majority are busy giving pain. The followers have become a mere puppet of the so-called preachers, who sooner or later end up being behind bars. But all this raise a question–how blind is the faith that we cannot see, how blind is the faith that the false is escaped, how blind is the faith that the authority is questioned.

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