The song that night..

Dinner was done and all had fun
Now they were leaving one by one,
and only left were the close ones .

With kisses and smiles
they wished everyone 
a merry goodbye.

Then they sat with stomach full
and talked for a while
leaving the kids aside.

The singer then came 
and a request was made
for an old melody delight.

They dimmed the light
and the oldie rhyme
left all with a rusty smile.

The mood was set,
the night at rest when
a colonel raised his glass of wine.

Let’s dance to the tune,
he said with a hasty voice
and held the hand of his wife.

And so slowly 
30’s   40’s    50’s
they all joined.

Tapped their feet 
and cherished the rhyme
humming they started one at a time.

Gazing this magical sight 
were the only two eyes 
of a lady at 70’s sitting beside.

Timid was her body 
dreamy her eyes.
Leaning she held the table tight.

While they danced and enjoyed
she sat there alone
gazing the sight.

With a low voice
she sang the song inside
and a tear or two wet her eyes.

Seeing her sons and grandsons
dance close to their beloved wives
left her with reminiscences inside.

And so dance and merriment, 
tears and smiles, 
nostalgia and reminiscences
all came to an end 
by the song that night.

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