Musings: Past midnight

Looks are deceptive and mine sure are. Not many know me and many know me part. For some I’m still a mystery, a real hard one. And others have already solved me in their own guessing world. I’m neither fair nor dark,                         I’m just as beige as you.                      Just don’t need acceptance to know I’m good too. Don’t know if I’m really quiet because I’ve heard me blabber. If one shows interest, interest is what one gets. If one does wana know then one knows me well. But I don’t feel the need to entertain the one beside me, Nor do I feel the need to make small talks to fill that silence. Maybe I’m weird, boring, perfect, loving, selfish..   Maybe all to some, and nothing to another but no justifying. You can feel what was felt, I’ll be who I am. Some say it is written well, I ask them which part of it. The part that you read, the part you skipped or the part when fancy words got you tripped. One can say she is an amateur. As my every line needs not to be guarded by a copyright, or some fancy pseudonyms. But it needs to be felt in a damn right way. Sure I can err, in spellings and lyfe too cause I’m also living it just like you. I’m not really as sane as you think, neither a craze stricken girl. At times formal and informal at some. May look timid but don’t you think I’m weak. Mock me as hard as you can my words can bleed you bad. Looks are deceptive, mine are too. Time may fall short just to understand what really I am up to. 

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