Into The Fades Of Dehra..

Oh! The lush of wild in me 

Used to be so many trees,

I’ll tell you about the counts

Not one, nor two, there were hundreds around.


And how the wind swirled in them.

The old colonel always gave that grin.

Swore he never felt the chill.

But beneath that cloak of sheep’s skin

His heart bet he skipped a beat.


No I’m not boasting off

Who doesn’t love snowy mountain tops?

And yes those bright sunny mornings.

Ah! Those were the days of my youth.

When I could hear children hoot.


That now is a faded tale.

A town turned city says,

“Day by day I’m growing pale.”

A tinge of yellow in the sky

And buildings soaring birds’ heights.


Expanding both around and above

Couldn’t fit in my plight that hides.

Just now a car crashed another

And a person engaged in fight.

What an awful sight!



The ambulance drove just in time

Though the traffic engulfed another life.

My pride rode in my road rides

But that got punctured

With puddles and drains.


Stop it please, I’m choking

Can hardly breathe suffocating.

Plant some trees for God’s sake

I’m here ready to be baked.


You made me sweat, I make you sweat now.

You showed your rage, now I’m outraged.


I once was a proud valley

But all now left are barren hills

Bearing more people, less humans.

Alas! To my fading tale.

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