She will never know (thoughts on a stranger) 

She will never know
that she just got clicked. 

Just like I’ll never know who she is. 

For me she is just a random girl. 

The one thing that we have in common, 

we both are at our terrace. 

She’s at the higher one. 

Both there, at dusk. 

I’m there with my cam, 

There to capture daily sunset. 

She is there with her phone, 

There to talk all alone. 

She is blocking my sunset view, 

Standing all against the light. 

Couldn’t even see her face, 

But I bet she is happy,

By her gesture I can make that out. 

Jumping and rapid hand movements. 

No it’s not her boyfriend,

I bet it’s her best friend

On the other side. 

Couldn’t hear her laughter, 

But can see her hands 

tangled in locks of hair. 

From distance I look, 

she sure is a black beauty. 

Don’t mind my words,

I don’t mean her face

but her silhouette. 

The Sun is magical today, 

setting with grace, 

beyond all the layered clouds,

Of which she is very ignorant. 

I guess she is not a nature person. 

Just another tech savvy one. 

More than 15 min it’s been,

not once have we crossed eyes,

nor is she staring at someplace else. 

I wonder what thoughts 

are on her mind, 

making her preoccupied. 

The frame makes

her look dreamy,

though she is not. 

All this could be a false notion. 

But she’ll not be there to correct me, 

As she will never know. 

4 thoughts on “She will never know (thoughts on a stranger) 

  1. Beautiful work..!!that is one thing that requires a lot of courage and imagination..for I am sure this sort of incident must hv happen with then you hv potrayed it from a different perspective and itsred applaudable

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wish i could be there to witness that. But thanks to u who not only captures the moment but also portraited the scene in front of my eyes as i was there too. Well done dear!! keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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