What If?

What if the beauty fades away
and leaves you pale sitting astray.
What if the fiction is no more a tale
but comes alive leaving a trail.
What if the person you can’t stand
helps you in a way that you can’t repay.

What if all the food was for free;
and the air charged a fee.
What if an animal can resist and speak,
this is my leg please not your leg piece.
What if a river can bathe itself
of all the dirt in her we have swept.

What if we all looked the same
in colour and matching surnames.

What if the thoughts can be heard out loud,
shouting and screaming to the crowd.

What if a smart phone was smart enough
to sense our mood and talk us out of it.

What if FB for once can tell,
what is really on my mind.
What if the nights were run as days
and the Sun had cold some days.
What if you can meet your other self,
but only it is your antimatter.
What if we could travel the world,
without a penny in our purse.

What if sharks never crave meat
and fishes too had to learn to swim.
What if all strangers were meant to be good,
without a thought of looting or groping.

What if there were no body hair;
I wonder where will all the parlours go.

What if the past can’t be remembered
like a babe in its cradle.
What if you have to kill or be killed,
not in reel but for real.
What if we can play the guitar right
without knowing the chords five.
What if we really walk the empty street
on the boulevard of broken dreams.

What if you forward the march hoping to lead,
only to find out you are all alone.

What if we were all dumb and had to rely on telepathy.
What if our problem is the solution?
What if we can just proceed,
without chanting what if.

4 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Hahaha…!!! Surrounded by so many what ifs… 😉

    That reminds me of a song “socha hai” from Rock On…

    But have to say that what u have done is …. Picked every thought that are unique in itself and had made a string of beads out of it … … Literally a master piece in my opinion …

    Liked by 1 person

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