To Someday

To someday of bliss,
when I just want to kiss
the chances of risk.
To someday of haste,
when I’m just running circles

to dye my hair.
To someday of calm
of serene hills and
dark sky star gaze.
To someday of time,
when I stayed up all night
turning pages, reading lines.
To someday from now,
being better somehow,
in not so different place.
To someday of shades
of the blushes I share
with “not the only one.”
To someday of travels
going on and on beyond
the roads and streets.
To someday of content
achieved in breathing
so very heavily.
To someday of laugh
remembering all the sweet & sour relationships.
To someday of things
that fascinates me
so very easily.
To someday of the near or distant future,
am I ready to dive-in the Pacific or do I need to breathe a little longer practicing.
For the journey will only begin as the first wave brings the chills underneath my skin.

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