Strangers 2.0

What do you call strange?
A man walking by your side singing 90’s hymn.
Or a little guy who met your eyes, in the mid of sunlight, begging with arms held high.
I call them the common strangers.
The ones who are strange not by ones nature, but just by knowing.
We don’t know them right.
But there’s a peculiar nature of strange I’ve come to know about.
Strangers who can do more harm to you than the unknown creatures walking down the streets.
These are people who have shared ample amount of time with you, a part of your life, and some things that only they reckon.
They have sung songs with you in the most terrible of voice.
And have sometimes threatened you to post it online.
These are not people whose sobs you haven’t dried.
These are people deleting whose photos took massive time.
You have been to their homes, their cars, and their Instagram profiles.
Yet no more in your heart they reside.
Yet no more you even say a casual hi.
Don’t walk pass through, don’t smile, and when had to, even cancel events to keep them out of sight.
But strangers are meant to be unknown right.
But you have had their numbers and texted even past midnight.
Then how did we end up in such a turmoil.
Is this what a broken friendship leaves behind.
An unsigned treaty of being strangers for life.

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