Her Mind is a Tumbler!

Her mind is a tumbler you see.
It pours off things that it can no longer keep.
It is sometimes empty and it sometimes creaks.
It can also stir salty with sweet, and keep it all together,
all in one heap.
And with so much in, some things like residual sink beneath.
Mostly it’s drowsy, for so much is poured in.
At times it’s heated up
and at times it’s chill,
depending on the contents it keeps.
And it can’t break off
for it’s made of steel.
At moments, it feels the different emotions filled in,
therefore, overwhelming the atmosphere within,
but it could be emptied and filled back up.
Her mind is like a tumbler,
for it could be moulded at first with minute efforts,
but remoulding at present
is a task of too much strain.
Yet many could drink from
her unstrained thoughts
for her mind is a tumbler.

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