Breathing Skin Deep

Tonight I see a shadow of me against the wall. Actually half shadow. There’s no one at the terrace, just me, my breath, and dim phone light. I see the bats hovering over and empty roof tops. I always wonder what so important can people be doing inside their build up walls that they never feel the need to come upstairs. But it’s better for me for how else could I be free. Tonight the wind is so sweet, it is gently feeling the skin that’s free. It’s peaceful. The rest of my skin wants to feel it too. The brisk of the cool cool wind in the dark. I breathe deeply, I breathe heavily. I have the feeling to get rid of the clothing that hid me. I pull off my bun, and let loose my hair, let them get entangled up in the air. Is the breeze really sweet here because I can smell it. It’s like a shower, shower of air. Then I tie them back up. So my neck is free to feel the chills. Everything is so raw and real. My body just wants to leave the dress and its frills. I know there could be people watching, from some corner from some tree, judging. But I care less this very instant and live. And the side of my dress slips letting my bare shoulders breathe. Oh! the freshness. For the first time in a while. Can’t remember the last time I lay bare beyond the wall sight. Let the world think I am horny, let their minds be filled with filth. I just sit here to feel the freshness of the wind laying my bare shoulders free. For once atleast I wish to lie down with my bare breasts. Not upside down but facing the stars. For once atleast I wish to free my legs and whole of them and let them point at any direction I feel. What do you think at the sight of this? I bet you wana lay next to me, doing pretty much the same thing. I know we have a house of walls to lay bare and breathe. But if I would have a penis how many would gaze in? Cutting my thoughts, a sharp light hit me once and remain lit ever since from afar. It lit nothing but my bare shoulders, my breath, and me.

14 thoughts on “Breathing Skin Deep

  1. Nearly three years on I have discovered this and really enjoyed it. I love the openness you allow your feelings and writing. I’m three years behind but I’ll read to catch up.

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