She has had
many encounters.
Yes, she calls them encounters because in the course of intercourse,
she never felt
the union of sex.
Many came, many went
and in between
they fucked
that’s all it has been to it.
More than half of the world
craved for it but not her.
She never truly understood
the hunger for something like that.
Something so natural,
something so basic.
Yet so hyped about.
As if endangered.
Amidst dressing and undressing,
her thoughts were
never exposed.
In between gasps,
elongated loneliness.
Only if someone explored
her silence better than they explored her body,
her pleasure would
be real for once.


Pretty much
the only thing
in my
is not
her eyes,
not her talks,
not her smile,
not her texts,
not her truths
or lies, or sighs
the moans
that can still
wake me up
at nights,
and mornings
and noons
lips dried
for something
more than
we had
the last time.

Some call it reproduction
but when inside
she felt the world
tremble and melt
all at once.
She could have
vivid memories,
clearer mind,
& no mindset.
She could feel
pain, love,
& warmth
in a way
as if for the
first time.
And with the
rise of every
she feels
more alive.
She suddenly
became more aware
of her legs
curled up,
her fingers,
and the weight
of a head
on her neck.
Never has she
ever been as close.
Almost one,
Maybe this is love.
That moment
when you take
a deep gasp of air
and water trickles
down your legs.
And you cry
but not in pain.
Until you realize
that within those walls
all eyes are upon you
to determine which

.. around the world of a word ..

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