The Few of Us

Some million years ago, we were,
the few that we were,
were all naked together.
And in a few decades from now,
when half of us got diseased, depressed, or murdered
when the pollutants block the light,
they’ll remain a few of us.
To walk in smog and breathe through masks,
feared if we’ll make the next news headline.
There might be a prediction of the rain of the ages
because it will rain out sulfur and methane.
We will have raincoats covering our houses.
And it will pour down gases.
But once it’s done,
the sun might shine for only a minute.
And that’ll be the moment when we’ll shed our clothes
and leave the suffocating walls,
and will be naked again altogether.
The few of us.


Don’t know if it’s ironical or sad that I wrote this 2 years back and thought it was incomplete but now in the new normal, it just cuts deep and feels oddly complete.

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