silent alarms

The silence talks to me better NOW
than it ever has.
all that I have to do
is just brave to listen.
but can I brave to listen
what the silence has to say?

the silence has so much to tell me
more than it ever had before.
it says - "there is a storm coming"
and it says - "I'm a storm too"

but I keep putting the silence to bed
lull it to sleep
distract it with background noises
running and running
but never heal
days after days.

before the day comes
when the silence finally breaks
and roars come gushing out
as a river that does not fear to flow
no matter what the course,
it rages
and rages
and does not stop
everything floats in the pool of its own destruction.

first drafts are hardly a good idea to post, but had a feeling I had to let something out today. So here it is – uncut, unedited, and unintended words – just words that formed themselves.

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