the smell of sea water

bubblegum colored braid,
hair roughly parted towards the left,
fingers running through,
softly placing them behind the ear.

the taste of sea water dripped neck,
and the hint of sand all over the legs.
"You smell of sea water,"
her lover whispers,
placing a peck on her back.

droplets decorate the sundress's hem,
and the pale lemon colored fabric
hugs her warm skin tone
like a cool, calming embrace.

her gaze set at horizon,
her eyes sparkle at every crashing wave
that gently caresses her feet
and leaves her anklet
slightly pushed back
and then back at place
just as the waves recede.

with storm in her mind,
and head placed on her lover's shoulder,
washed out lips break out a smile.
bringing together a nomadic madness
and a chilling charm.

meeting the gaze of her lover
fixed on her hazel eyes,
she stared back.

and he leans in to steal a kiss,
his lips eager to taste
the wildness,
the taste of the sea,
but not ready to feel
the heart of an ocean.

so she kisses back,
with only a moment's love,
the smell of sea water,
and summer dreams
on a winter midnight.

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