Photo by Thiago Matos on Pexels.com
hollow, so hollow
I can't sit with myself
but I want you to.

a constant need to distance
be alone, aloof,
yet in company.

distractions and delusions
paint a perfect trap
of dreams and day-dreams.

playing in loop
a background score
to accompany me wherever I go

a yellow room,
a circle of three friends,
a drive back home

I thrive in chaos,
turn into a badass

to either perfection
or nothing

a sunflower field
or a straight up marsh land,
a zombie or a goddess

but this seems like a new dimension
with no boundaries
endless walks into the halls of emptiness

everything so grey,
everything so muted,
everything, with nothing in it

wandering the realm of nothingness
a space so dark and hollow
that the only light source is you

and whatever is left of you
that flicker, that faith, that face

what you once remembered so clearly
has started to fade,
memories are a blur

but the background score plays
and keeps playing

only now,
it sounds like a cry for help
or a broken record

hopeless, hollow
I can't bear my thoughts
but want them out.

hollow, yet so heavy
I can't sit with myself
but will you? 


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