still i rise!

still i rise!

don't you let the tears dry out in your eyes,
let them roll to your cheeks,
let them fall.

and shed the weight you are carrying,
so very silently.
so very quietly.

making it look effortless,
all the efforts you put in
all the efforts!

embrace the defeat.
remember, you know grace.

remember, you've known hate,
how sour it tastes.

you've known the cost of ignorance
the chase of a race.

the scars of a heartache,
a broken dream,

a lost soul,
a forgotten being.

remember to remember
all that you've faced
all that stood in your way.

remember to remember
the haters and the hate

the words that were spoken
with the mind to break

you, your self-esteem,
and your will

remember to remember
all that once was standing against you
that now slowly watches you grow

glow of glory
and bask of being brave.

what love tastes like,
never forget.

hold the power to forgive.
having no intention to rule.

so let the tears roll down,
take the blow

fall, break,
begin again.

sore losers
don't make for great warriors.

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