I hold beside my neck the weight of my bra straps. Unwired, translucent, having a mix of peach and white. My nights are not accustomed to sleeping without them. So every eve fierce love we make. Too fierce that we forget. And every dawn, one can observe remnants from the night before, hovering over the […]

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Her Mind is a Tumbler!

Her mind is a tumbler you see. It pours off things that it can no longer keep. It is sometimes empty and it sometimes creaks. It can also stir salty with sweet, and keep it all together, all in one heap. And with so much in, some things like residual sink beneath. Mostly it’s drowsy, […]

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Into The Fades Of Dehra..

Oh! The lush of wild in me  Used to be so many trees, I’ll tell you about the counts Not one, nor two, there were hundreds around.   And how the wind swirled in them. The old colonel always gave that grin. Swore he never felt the chill. But beneath that cloak of sheep’s skin […]

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