Musings: Under Sun

My eyes are heavy, my breath go slow, after 8 hours of sleeping I think I need more. My mind go restless thinking of you. My mouth go breathless to hear about you. Every action of inactivity leads to blues. Yet when I raise, legs fall back to you. I read between lines to find […]

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Let It

Let the splash of water hit you. Let it hit you hard, Let it hit you sweetly. Let it’s temperature give you chills. And let it’s so-called blue brighten your mood. One splash at a time, one wave racing mind. But let it not sweep you ashore. As you are no sand. You are the […]

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Making time

Isn’t it time to say and be done, to utter those words you thought of more than once. Or do you still hope for time to make it up. Will you again refill your mind with all the sorrows you’ve denied. Or will you be the victim again, when you’ve been against the world. Say […]

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