Breathing Skin Deep

Tonight I see a shadow of me against the wall. Actually half shadow. There’s no one at the terrace, just me, my breath, and dim phone light. I see the bats hovering over and empty roof tops. I always wonder what so important can people be doing inside their build up walls that they never […]

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Let It

Let the splash of water hit you. Let it hit you hard, Let it hit you sweetly. Let it’s temperature give you chills. And let it’s so-called blue brighten your mood. One splash at a time, one wave racing mind. But let it not sweep you ashore. As you are no sand. You are the […]

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Heavenly Disguise

Speak of the devil and the devil is you. A devil dressed up in an earthly do Who speaks of the heaven without a clue And chants sacred vows of some greater truth.   For some, faith comes in a type of routine Deciding whether or not to eat your favourite meat. Hatred is like […]

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