Let It

Let the splash of water hit you. Let it hit you hard, Let it hit you sweetly. Let it’s temperature give you chills. And let it’s so-called blue brighten your mood. One splash at a time, one wave racing mind. But let it not sweep you ashore. As you are no sand. You are the […]

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Into The Fades Of Dehra..

Oh! The lush of wild in me  Used to be so many trees, I’ll tell you about the counts Not one, nor two, there were hundreds around.   And how the wind swirled in them. The old colonel always gave that grin. Swore he never felt the chill. But beneath that cloak of sheep’s skin […]

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How blind is the faith?

India being a religious country with vast population, diverse culture and different ideologies becomes an easy prey for the greedy, selfish and fraud religious gurus. The purity and the serenity of the Indian faith are being fooled upon by these gurus. Their agenda is to give some, fool some and leave the tricky ones. Sadly […]

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