To Someday

To someday of bliss, when I just want to kiss the chances of risk. To someday of haste, when I’m just running circles to dye my hair. To someday of calm of serene hills and dark sky star gaze. To someday of time, when I stayed up all night turning pages, reading lines. To someday […]

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We are all flesh afterall… Some new, some old. Wearing layers of clothes Hiding, showing at one’s own note. Stretching, itching, bleeding, Covering, feeling, stinking. Some pinch, hurting. Sun’s heat burning, With every degree rise, sweating. With every drop, shivering. Can’t be at ease for all. Every action is acted upon. Every touch, felt close. […]

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Pride’s Pyral

One knows when it comes to take it, when one had enough to fake it. All false words behested, and the base washed off and shaken. Bygone the pride, now chasing here comes pride’s pyral None escape it. And then burned the darkest pyre, some did whisper, some dear cried. Fear of sins they tried […]

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Turning Ashes…

Hustle bustle of day and night Ignites up a fire in my mind. Every thought adds up the spark And so the burning fury starts. Friction of my mind and heart Ends up to burning fast. Situations day by day Hath confusion as a fuel intake. Mood swings as a river flows And beeps up […]

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