To Someday

To someday of bliss, when I just want to kiss the chances of risk. To someday of haste, when I’m just running circles to dye my hair. To someday of calm of serene hills and dark sky star gaze. To someday of time, when I stayed up all night turning pages, reading lines. To someday […]

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What If?

What if the beauty fades away and leaves you pale sitting astray. What if the fiction is no more a tale but comes alive leaving a trail. What if the person you can’t stand helps you in a way that you can’t repay. What if all the food was for free; and the air charged […]

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Musings: Past midnight

Looks are deceptive and mine sure are. Not many know me and many know me part. For some I’m still a mystery, a real hard one. And others have already solved me in their own guessing world. I’m neither fair nor dark,                         I’m […]

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Heavenly Disguise

Speak of the devil and the devil is you. A devil dressed up in an earthly do Who speaks of the heaven without a clue And chants sacred vows of some greater truth.   For some, faith comes in a type of routine Deciding whether or not to eat your favourite meat. Hatred is like […]

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