Gurgaon – Moving In

It has not been like I thought it to be.
Some places are better.
Some places are worse.
Some places just have pigeons
in corners, I wouldn't have imagined being.

They are a glimpse of a freeing life.
But they don't look merry,
Seems like they are just fluttering their wings aimlessly.
But what can I say,
we humans, humanize too much,
mostly as per our moods.

Some evenings, you turn from side to side
eyes shutting and opening
only to sink in the reality 
that is half stale food, sink leaks,
silence, silence in muttering noises,
and you, tired yet not sleepy,
and so much more half-assed sentences.

I lie in someone else's bed.
In someone else's 1 RK apartment.
On an afternoon that feels weirdly long.
On the second day of just moving in.
And wonder.

Is this what my life would be like in years to come.
Of course not. Of course, it'll be different
when I can afford a place of my own.
A better job, perhaps.
I have been told this is how people live
when they are starting off.

But I haven't even started yet.
I only know I am about to.
With my guards up,
and mental peace hopefully sound.

First, starting with the dishes.
Then, the laundry,
Then, the mess this room is.
And then, me.

Afterthought: Sometimes, moving to new places, move you. In ways that can neither be anticipated nor comprehended before time. They force you to step out. Step out of the old comfort zone and define new ones with new barriers & new boundaries. Befriend the new struggle and thrive and survive, as long as you can. Sometimes, moving to new places, move you — not to your destination, but to your next junction.

This is part one of the 3 part series Gurgaon.

6 thoughts on “Gurgaon – Moving In

  1. Beautiful poem…and im looking to move to gurgaon too for uni and all…and ive never been there before nor have i ever lived all alone its gonna be a new experience but definitely one im looking forward to…hope you have a wonderful one as well ❤

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