dancing with the muse

the solace I find in music,
in words written by strangers
that speak to the feelings in my heart
feelings that are not spoken about
not to another soul

and how I dream to dance
placing my head on someone’s shoulder
who’s just as silent as I am
and that moment is ours, it’s ours

we both are in a trance
and the song has created a space, just for us
just for us, to let the feelings feel
a thousand emotions at once.

emotions that would otherwise
go unnoticed, unfelt, unexpressed
and they need no explaining,
no logic to exist,
just like art, they are complex,
yet so simple, for us.

still slow dancing,
the moonlight illuminates our skin
and stirs something deep inside,
that just feels like peace
and the sand braces
the feet, bare,
with its calmness and cool

dancing with the muse,
and the song continues . . .
“but the songs we wrote will keep on playing. . .”


a song by Amartya Ghosh

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